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If you grew up reading The Lord of the Rings or Percy Jackson, your thirst for fantastic fiction for adults is sure to have ripened.

Browsing through bookshelves upon bookshelves one after another might be your favorite pastime, but imagine the time you can spend reading your favorite adult fiction novel without entering a bookshop? In a tech-savvy world, this is made possible by adult fiction e-books available online. While the world is adapting to the techy ways, so should you, but don’t forget to take your love of adult fiction novels with you.

Good Stories is the place where book lovers come to quench their never-ending thirst for adult fiction e-book. From romance to mystery thrillers, suspense, and light-hearted tales, we have all the best adult fiction books in one place. So, browse and request your order, and prepare to leave the real world behind when you dive into the world of adult fiction.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out James Malloy’s ‘Harlem’s Love’ – an adult fiction e-book available on Kindle and paperback, too. James Malloy also signs copies on request, so grab the chance of having your favorite adult fiction author’s signed note on your copy today.

Enter the World of Adult Fiction Books

There is something soothing about holding a book in your hand. It’s certainly hard for book lovers to step back after picking up a book. And a good one does more than draw you in – it takes you deeper, opening a whole new world of possibilities with joy, sorrow, anger, frustration unfolding on every page. If children’s book collections serve as a learning guide for kids, another collection increases the impact ten-fold. That’s adult fiction novels for you. Once you start turning the pages, there’s no going back. And that’s what we offer at Good Stories. More than a publishing house for best adult fiction books, we encourage our readers to delve deeper and experience the world of fiction. Each character in the adult fiction novels we publish is derived from real-life experiences and packs the undercurrent of hard-to-pass-by emotions.

Adult Fiction Books that Etch a Permanent Mark on the Reader’s Mind

Looking for the best fiction books to read for adults? Done with your current adult fiction book and can’t wait to start on another? We get it. And we have the right anecdote to keep watering your love for good stories. 😊

Besides opening a publishing house for adult fiction books, James Malloy is a highly esteemed author. His first book ‘Harlem’s Love,’ made it to the shelves in 2016.

Seeing the love and enthusiasm ‘Harlem’s Love’ received, ‘Harlem’s Love 2’ is ready to make its way to the bookshelves, too.

Preorder today and become one of the first to read Mike’s continuing adventure and life story while you read your favorite fantastic fiction for adults.

Just like Harlem’s Love, Harlem’s Love 2 is sure to leave you wanting more – that’s a promise.

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