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Harlem’s Love – a Story of Love, Loss, & Lies

In ancient times, people gathered around to sit in circles and tell stories derived from real-life experiences or even completely fabricated. Now, the times have changed.

We see an era revolving around fiction books and eBooks. And with so many aspiring authors arising, you might say it’s challenging to make a prominent mark. But not for James Malloy.

James Malloy launched his first urban fiction novel, Harlem’s love, in 2016. His first book captured readers’ hearts and is still doing rounds in the USA bookstores. So, making it easier for his readers, James Malloy has launched an eBook edition too, which you can buy from the platform of Good Stories.

The story of Harlem’s Love revolves around a young boy, Mike. Like any other growing boy, Mike had dreams to follow, but he didn’t know what life had in store for him.

After losing his father to cancer, Mike had to struggle with his family to make ends meet. Soon after, Mike’s mother’s health began to deteriorate too. Left with no choice and a heavy heart, Mike is forced to leave his mother in Maryland to pursue a new life with his aunt and uncle in NYC.

The series of unfortunate events don’t leave Mike even in NYC. After passing from high school, Mike starts selling weed with his best friend on the streets. But like anything, love found its way to Mike’s heart.

Caught up in the drug dealing business, Mike locked hearts with a beautiful girl. But even the girl he loved wasn’t a regular chick. Instead, she was a ‘Bum Girl.’

Between hustling, incarceration, and hitting the streets, Mike and his street girl drew closer and closer…until the unexpected happened.

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Although Harlem’s Love is the first of James Malloy books, its sequel, ‘Harlem’s Love 2,’ is set to make it to the bookshelves soon.

Fans can’t get enough of James Malloy books. That’s why we’ve already opened pre-bookings for the sequel with a 5$ discount. So, grab the chance to pre-order and become one of the first to read as the book launches.

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